Viva a gaita! Viva o Brasil!

What a fabulous opportunity to discover most of the best brazilian harmonicists. Among them some friends with whom I shared some very nice moments during their stay in France or in Belgium...

Here they are in an original project bringing them together to play a classic by Tom Jobim and Dolores Duran. An original arrangement by Roger Henry which is part of the collection of the Curitiba Harmonic Orchestra. Recorded in July/August 2020 during the International Music Festival at Casa FIMUCA 2020. A historic initiative of harmony and union of several aspects of the Brazilian harmonica.

Bene Chireia from Curitiba/PR
Diego Sales from São Paulo/SP
José Staneck from Rio de Janeiro/RJ
Julio Rego from Aracaju/SE
Leandro Lopes from Curitiba/PR
Natanael Pereira from Fortaleza/CE
Otavio Castro from Rio de Janeiro/RJ
Paulo Prot from Vitória/ES
Pablo Fagundes from Brasília/DF
Rodrigo Eisinger from Campinas/SP
Vitor Lopes from São Paulo/SP

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