Planet united  Lives - A Generous Idea for Harmonica Players ... 

Many of the best harmonica players in the world already offer it, but I found it difficult to know the different lives in different parts of the world → My federating role through harmonicacontact incites me to ask you to contact me via my Facebook account (Here) to tell me if you are doing a live performance with these details:
→ Internet address of the live
→ Country
→ In which language
→ What time and days of the week (and what geographical area, so either your local time or precise UTC time)

"Vive la musique" !!! 
Let's make sure that music and harmonica virus comes out victorious over the other one !

The Hohner company itself created the #unitedinsound initiative with its artists of various instruments (harmonica, accordion, other?) and Seydel proposes tutorials for free (Any other company? Tell me I keep as neutral as I can).
In the table below I try to make a syntetic summary so that the whole planet can easily find you and look at you ! Clic over the name of the artist for the live place (French speaking world here) ... (Checkout also this page managed by Jason Ricci)
Ben Hewlett (clic here)
England - English
5pm local time till ...
Every sunday !!!
Load zoom (Details here)
  Sunday 28th of June
Launch zoom then enter
Meeting ID: 896 0752 5330, Password: 079803
Konstantin Reinfeld
Germany - German
6pm local time
i.e: 5pm
UTC time

Frédéric Yonnet
Eastern USA - English
5pm local time
i.e:10pm London time
Sunday 28th of June
Badass Harmonica
Eastern USA - English
7pm local time
i.e: 12pm UTC time
Saturday 20th of June

Joe Filisko&Eric Noden
Central USA - English
8pm local time
i.e: 2am London time
then every Friday

Pablo Fagundes
Brasil - Portugués
Thursday 25th of June
8pm local time
i.e: 0 am
London time
You can subscribe to their youtube Chanel here

Some who don't have the material conditions for live performances also offer you non-interactive videos full of tips to follow, songs to try to play... and so on.
Filip Jers - Everyday
Sweden - English
Filip posts great videos on his facebook !
Who else   ?
Of course this page is not exhaustive !!!
Who else   ?
Past lives but that may come back
Keith Dunn
Netherlands - English
Saturday 2nd of May
7pm local time
UTC time

* Jason Ricci
Central USA - English
  18 april - 6pm local time
i.e: 0am UTC time

Jason very well known as one of the very firsts on YouTube
Peter Madcat Ruth
Eastern USA - English
7:30pm local time
i.e: 12:30pm UTC time
Thursday 23th of April
Rick Epping
Ireland - English
4pm30 french time
i.e: 3pm30
UTC time

Alejandro Yaques
Argentina - Spanish
3pm local time
i.e: 6pm
UTC time

A live everyday same time !
Marta Suñé (clic here)
Spain - Spanish
Sunday 14th  of June
7pm local time
i.e: 6pm London time

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