Antoine Le Roux - "The Elder's Road" 

For me Antoine Le Roux, in addition to having been born with a harmonica in his mouth (we don't have the pictures but it's credible and there are many testimonies from elders ), is an important actor in the promotion and advancement of the harmonica in France, especially of families too often neglected there such as Chromatics, Bass, Chords etc. It's not only related to the fact that he has a long experience, undeniable talents, that everyone loves him (I don't think I'm wrong), and even some people like him among the elders. I was leaving to develop and I finally withdrew my long speech because there would be so much to say....
Before an interview with Antoine () is coming up, I'm not depriving myself of posting just one video among so many others that I could have chosen. Antoine is also a great mandolin player and involved in many projects (I think he would even have more to say than I do about the history of the instrument).
For the choice of the video, I was thinking to Daving Naidtich (an other harp player from USA that I appreciate; I even wonder if he doesn't have hidden French genes) who is great in this style as well and who makes me laugh a lot on Facebook with his pictures...

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