Satan and Adam: Must see ...

Most of you perhaps are not members of HARP-L the very oldest even very first harmonica mailing list still alive on Internet. i.e. one more reason of not being aware of the Great documentary "Satan and Adam" (follow this link).
Here is what is written on the YouTube channel that introduces the following video:
"Filmed over 20 years, SATAN & ADAM is a celebration of the transformative power of music and the friendships that develop when artists collaborate and worlds collide. Featuring U2's The Edge, Rev. Al Sharpton, Harry Shearer and Jerry Jemmott."

It is important also to see the video behind this link with clarifications from Adam: Clic here
Also I thanks a lot Adam Gussow for what is is writting on his own website in links section about my website...A real honor for me. Merci Adam! Et j'espère bientôt te revoir en France ou une nouvelle fois dans l'ascenseur à SPAH 
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