Notre Dame de Paris : Merci !

Thank you to BBC News for sharing this video... I quote them:

"As the final session of the current European Parliament wrapped up, a Slovenian MEP took the opportunity to give a musical performance.
It is our responsibility to keep Europe together. Let's rebuild Notre-Dame and Happy Easter, Lojze Peterle told his fellow MEPs.
He then played a rendition of Ode to Joy - the EU anthem - on the harmonica, drawing applause from European politicians."

As a French citizen, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have shown their support and solidarity with us following this event, which is for us French people a national disaster. The cathedral "Notre Dame de Paris" is for us more than 850 years of French history, unknown French craftsmen who had left their marks in beams, an oak framework (the forest) that had resisted many wars, the French revolution to the ravages of time, a little the soul of my country.

The Cathedral "Notre Dame de Paris" has brought you all together in emotion, whatever your country, whatever your religion (USA, Iran, Israel, China, India, European countries, Venezuela, Russia, Emirates etc.). And then I start dreaming of a United World, of tolerances, of fraternity, without wars, where everyone eats enough, sleeps under a roof, of a new impetus to worry about our burning planet, about fish and turtles suffocated by plastic in the oceans, about values that this cathedral has seen disappear over time but which could come back with a good awareness....
But I am on my site which talks about harmonica, music: this music also that brings us together and unites us.... You will think that I am rambling... and yet after the painful loss of one of the strongest symbols of my country, is my culture (that of my ancestors for more than 800 years) still allowed to dream and hope?....

Well, I say YES!!!!! Because this cathedral, which has lost its multi-centenary structure, but which the fire brigade knew how to protect by saving all the treasures (the tunic of Saint Louis, Louis IX king of France, the crown of thorns of Christ, many canvases and others...) up to the organ... We will rebuild it with our best craftsmen companions, stonemasons... My dream would be that this momentum for good be shared all around the planet and that everyone take a positive resolution, for the planet, the fraternity, the sharing, the noble values that religions also share (believers and also non-believers) etc....

Merci !
Very first picture of Notre Dame by
Louis Daguerre (1838) - The arrow was added in 1853

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