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This festival takes place from the 25th to the 27th of may 2017.
It happends only every two years, but here it is the 12th edition...

The village is a beautiful place to visit, and also very famous in France to host the famous zoo of Beauval. One of the 15th best in the world, with very rare species such as giant pandas, hippotamus, white lions etc. Some concerts takes place in the hotels of the zoo, where you can assist for free !... If you like french wines you can also profit to visit some of the numerous local wine producers...

Now lets have the program for this year...

Thursday 25th of May:

18:00 Vernissage of the exhibition at the prevà´te and official opening of the festival

20:00 Concert at "salle des fêtes" 1st part: ZANELLA TRIO

22:00 Concert at "salle des fêtes" 2nd part: CORY SEZNEC

00:00 Jam session (place to define but usualy in the center of the village)

Friday 26th of May

16:30 Concert at the Prevà´te: ELLA FOY

20:00 Concert at "salle des fêtes" 1st part: GERALD LAROCHE

22:00 Concert at "salle des fêtes" 2nd part:


00:00 Boeuf Jam

Saturday 27th of May

15:00 Spectacle at the cinema SOUFFLES DU MONDE (Manu Bosser)

16:30 concert at the Collegiale JEAN SABOT & LAURENT LE BOT

18:00 concert place de l'Ormeau 2J's & SEE

20:00 concert salle des fêtes 1ere partie LIOUANE

22:00 concert salle des fêtes 2eme partie MOUNTAIN MEN

00:00 Boeuf Jam

And also along the three days

In partnership with the hotels of Beauval, the festival organisation are pleased to propose three aperitif concerts. Those additional concerts take place at the Bar of the "Hà´tel des Pagodes" of Beauval at 7pm precise. The entrance is free...

Thursday 25th of May :  « Trio Blue Mary Swing » (with Michel Herblin)

Friday 26th of May: Duo Antoine Le Roux & Paul Deba

Saturday 27th of May : Duo Nasser Ben Dadoo – Marko Balland

Are you really going to miss this event ?
Be carreful that it is already time to book a room in the area because the festival and the village are very popular (Good restaurants as well) !... And don't hesistate to contact me if I can help you to contact the organisation to help you to stay.
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