Brazil Júlio Ręgo: Authentic moments of (musical) life... Brazil

Júlio Ręgo is a harmonica player from Brasil (Aracaju). We met each other in Europe some times and he also came in the best French harmonica festival with Pablo Fagundes: Harmonicas sur Cher in the beautiful village of Saint-Aignan-sur-Cher. 
  The first video
I am sharing today is, I believe, the one I prefer of an authentic moment of life. Júlio is playing a lot with people from countrys where he is going. A great and original way to meet and share with the other. I know this video for years, but if I am sharing it just today, this is because last week Hermeto Pascoal had his 80th birthday !!! And I know that Júlio Ręgo appreciates a lot Hermeto Pascoal. Just enjoy this moment stolen by a camera, authentic because not prepared, with lots of details I let you discover (The dogs, the two girls, the old local man at the end, and beautiful famous music) etc...

The second video is like an invitation to discover all other videos, CDs of my friend Júlio and why not: invite him in your festival or harmonica/gaita event 

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