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To follow the great "Radio Times 50s-60s" prepared for us by Roger Trobridge, as promessed by Joe Filisko here is the next treasury! I just want to increase its visibility through my website, but the original page is Here or click the picture here down. Also because the destination page may propose new treasuries by the futur ...

Words from Roger Trobridge to introduce the sharing of Joe Filisko:

"Sit back and listen to Joe Filisko introducing 31 solo harmonica recordings from the 1920-30s. The recordings include many examples of train imitations, fox chases and early blues tunes. Joe mentions which harp and key he thinks is the correct one so maybe you will be inspired to play along.

You may have heard of some of the performers but there will probably be others that are new to you. Most of the recordings are from rare 78rpm shellac records, so be ready for the surface noise. In most cases there are no master recordings and for some of the performances only one or two 78s are known to have survived intact.

Over to Joe........."

Radio Times 1950-1960
1 Introduction The Archivist
2 Cracker Cops Sonny Terry
3 McAbee's Railroad Piece Palmer McAbee
4 Fox Chase DeFord Bailey
5 Middling Blues George "Bullet" Williams
6 Fast Train Lonnie Glosson
7 Rain Crow Bill Blues Henry Whitter :
8 Train Salty Holmes
9 Red Pig Kyle Wooten
10 Train Imitations and the Fox Chase William McCoy
11 Up Country Blues De Ford Bailey
12 The Fox Chase Wayne Raney
13 Frisco Leaving Birmingham #3 George "Bullet" Williams
14 Mocking the Dogs Edward Hazelton
15 The Fox end the Hounds Roger Mathis
16 The Alcoholic Blues DeFord Bailey
17 Mama Blues William McCoy
18 Train and Model-T Race Curly Fox
19 The Old Time Fox Chase Henry Whitter
20 Riding the Blinds Eddie Mapp
21 Dixie Flyer Blues DeFord Bailey
22 C & N.W Blues D.H Bert Bilbro
23 Fox Chase Salty Holmes
24 Devil in the Woodpile Noah Lewis
25 Lost John Lonnie Glosson
26 Pan-American Blues De Ford Bailey
27 Lost John Walter "Red" Parham
28 Mocking the Train Edward Hazelton
29 Lost John Oliver Sims
30 Muscle Shoals Blues De Ford Bailey
31 When the Saints Go Marching In Jesse Stroller
32 Poor Little June Bug Sonny Terry
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